Hello lovelies, every now and then it happens, someone would like to be me, and take your money for me.
It’s up to you to decide what to do of your tributes, but you know that if it is Me and only Me who you want to worship, here on this website you will find the right contacts.
This time it’s someone with an IP from Asia.
Here is the email I just received:

Hi Madam,

Sorry to have bothered you with my phone call.

I wanted you to know someone is pretending to be you, using the email address and Skype name live:madamhelle_1

We were talking about me becoming your personal slave (domestic etc), she began pushy for money with very poor English. I noticed the time zone on the Skype account was set to GMT+8 (which would put you in SE Asia).

Sorry again – the prospect of beginning an education in becoming a slave had me rather excited!

I think a warning on your Twitter or website would help prevent and loss of business.

Wishing you a wonderful day.


Now you are aware.

Best regards to everyone.