Sale of My personal belongings and photos

As always I sell some of my personal items those are in high demand.
– Worn panties;
– Worn stockings/ fully fashioned/ socks.
In addition on request of my perfume, my champagne or else.
All items cost £ 25 Unless they are on special request.
Contact me explaining what you would like, pay, and as soon as I receive your payment I will send you what you need without delay.
For requests outside of the UK, there will be an extra charge to post.

Photos on request will be sent directly to your email address. Ask me for a photo of how you picture Me and I will send it. Depending on the type of action that you would like to see me doing, the context, the people with me or the subject, the prices vary from £ 25 for 5 pictures with my cell phone to £ 50 for 3 photos with a professional camera.